Designing and building a dream yacht is a dedicated mission to perfection. To underline this vision,
a prestigious YACHT|NAME should express this too.

YACHT|NAMES recommends, creates and installs a range of light solutions for luxury yachts.

Every installation is made to the specifications of the client and is a product of close co-operation. We bring in our experience, creativity, craftsmanship and high-tech abilities.

YACHT|NAMES is specialized in tailormade names for the most prestigious and well-known Dutch yacht builders. Our products meet the highest standards for this industry. Hence our track record of finished projects for over two decades.


Back in 1996 we were asked to do a neon for a captains chamber. “And by the way, the project manager said, we are to make a name on the ship and we think that you need to machine drill a block of stainless steel to do that.”
Three weeks later we showed him a stainless steel welded letter, finished mirror 8, without any visible seam. The letter was send tot the Turkish owner for approval. He was convinced that the finishing was a thin layer of chrome and grooved it with his diamond ring. The letter became useless and still sits as a proof of quality in our showroom.


The first two illuminated ship names we used halogen light sources. After which we dared to make the first LED illuminated ship name ever made. The rest is history.
Until today every commission is handled with the same dedication and quality awareness. We dare to experiment and fail, but always come back with a sustainable and watertight solution.


Our YACHT|NAMES can sail to the Arctic, steer straight through the Bermuda Triangle and challenge any seamonster mentioned in fairy tales.



YACHT|NAMES started two decades ago through its famous mother company NEON|WEKA, that was founded in 1939 and still produces and installs art works with neon and led technology.


For the production and installation of luxurious YACHT|NAMES we became a well established name too. With a twenty year track record and more than one hundred installations sailing the seas.



Stainless steel indirect illuminated names and logos with seams invisibly welded and polished to high standards.

Acrylic letters and logos illuminated directly or indirectly,
Made of special acrylic with a high diffusion rate.

Step and furniture lights designed to fit any individual width and curve to the very millimeter.

​Stainless steel stern names with bended compensation to accomodate for the graphical distortion of a doubly curved surface.

Trough our long creative and technical experience we can to offer a solution for almost every wish in decorative lighting.
By taking responsibility for every aspect we warrant our products far beyond the official terms.



St. Prinsess Olga Seven Seas | Nirvana | Barbara 

Seaflower | Dream | Andiamo | Rahal | Fortunato | Blue Moon | Ecstasea | Paraffin | Tatasu | Secret | Space | Harle | TV | Trident

New Century | No Escape | Jangada | Duke Town | Lady Halima | Amigo II | Serenity D | Alkhaliq | Koji | Sweet Doll | Bilmar | Lady Ingeborg | Seascape | Sedation | Yalla | Karyatis | Let It Be | Man of Steel | Seven Sins | Buka | G-Force | Let It Be II | Sirocco
Millenium | Ilona | 101 | Galactica | Mon Plaisir | Elandess | Agram | Celestial Hope | Man of Steel | Sibelle | Blind date | Jems  
My Petra | Perle Noir | 4 You | SKY | Quinta Essentia | S. Bernardo | Air | Satori | Ariadna | Aurelia | Ice Angel

Flamingo Daze | Snowbird

Flying Eagle | Callisto ​Utopia ​Anna ​Twizzle/Drizzle


High Chaparral


Ginger ​Brent 




Y712 Y715 | A name change




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The Netherlands


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